THC Vintage Mask
The finest in a vintage goalie mask.
THC Vintage Mask recreates a full line of vintage goalie masks. Each of our vintage goalie masks are hand crafted and produced using the finest quality of fiberglass materials and unique construction practices.

The reproduction of each vintage goalie mask, the goalie and hockey is our passion. The quality and correctness of our vintage goalie masks are supported by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Although each vintage goalie mask, that we construct, are of game ready quality caution should be taken if you choose to utilize them. We strive for perfection in all vintage goalie masks and our vintage goalie mask products.
The original creators of these vintage goalie masks were indeed true artist's and superb craftsman. The construction techniques that evolved through their efforts and the vintage goalie mask designs nothing less than fabulous.

Each and every vintage goalie mask unique and many of them permanent fixtures in hockey history. The pioneers of the vintage goalie masks were remarkable individuals.

We hold nothing less than total admiration and respect for the creators, artists and goalies who don these wonderful vintage goalie masks. 
THC vintage mask fabricates custom orders for vintage goalie masks, special paint schemes, alternate layouts and designs for the enthusiasts of vintage goalie masks.

We would be very interested to discuss any unique options you may desire in your future vintage goalie mask purchase. We have created a number of unique prototypes of vintage goalie masks, combo vintage goalie masks and cage masks.

I still play goal in a vintage goalie mask and I still have the original vintage goalie mask I wore playing in my early hockey years. The feeling of playing in the vintage goalie mask is second to none. THC vintage mask, home of hockey's once upon a time and the finest in a vintage goalie mask.
Legends Of The Crease